Outrage over latest gay marriage bully hoax

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

LAST Thursday, a driver turned into St Michael’s Church in the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove — and straight into the latest fraud by same-sex marriage bullies and the media.

The driver was, I’m told, trying to get to a meeting of his parish. He did not know his church was also the venue of a meeting called by the Australian Christian Lobby.

He certainly did not expect a mob of shouting, angry people to swarm around his car in a bid to stop it. As he inched forward, a woman fell over, possibly over the concrete kerb.

Police then cleared a path for him and arrested one of the mob, actually same-sex marriage protesters summoned by the Socialist Alternative and the National Union of Students.

Here is now how this incident was reported the next day.

“Supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage have clashed outside a Brisbane church,” declared the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Same-sex marriage supporters claim cars were used as weapons in the first violent clash between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ campaigners ahead of the postal vote,” reported news.com.au.

Channel 9’s Today show sympathetically interviewed the woman it claimed had been injured, Jessica Payne, who posed in front of the ambulance called to treat her.

“I suffered an injury because people drove their cars nearly at full speed into the yes campaigners here today,” Payne said.

The reporter did not challenge her story, even though Nine’s own footage showed just one car trying to get through, very slowly.

What a complete hoax.

First, the ACL says it had already called off its meeting at the church because of the threats from activists.

Second, its meeting was not about same-sex marriage at all, but the Safe Schools program.

Third, as The Australian later reported, police say no cars were driven at “nearly full speed” into the crowd, and the woman allegedly injured refused treatment when the ambulance arrived.

A grandfather who’d wanted to go to that meeting has told me he is furious: “Can you imagine my outrage today when the misleading media said there was a clash between pro- and anti-same-sex-marriage supporters! Fifty years of paying taxes and I cannot even go to a meeting now without harassment at best and cancellation at worst.”

And then being blamed by the media for the violence of the Left.


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