Future Families Forum – Adelaide

Have you considered the long term consequences of same sex ‘marriage’? Have you heard about the Safe Schools program in over 500 Australian schools and what it teaches to children as young as 11? As one parent said after hearing these presentations: ‘Never could I imagine that my 11 year old daughter would be exposed to such age inappropriate material. Why was I not asked first by the school?’

You are invited to hear three renowned speakers on the topic of:
Same Sex ‘Marriage’ & ‘Safe’ Schools
Their impact on you, your family and children

WHERE: The School Hall of St George College Junior Campus | 15 Dew St, THEBARTON

WHEN: Thursday 23 June 2016 – 6:30pm  

david_van_gend_future_families_forumDr David van Gend is a family doctor, president of the Australian Marriage Forum and a frequent contributor to Australian debates on same sex ‘marriage’ and bioethics in newspapers, radio and TV.

james_future_families_forumDr James Athanasou is a Psychologist in private practice, Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, author and Greek Orthodox representative on the Director-General’s Advisory Committee on Special Religious Education.

chris_brohier_future_families_forumMr Christopher Brohier is a barrister, founder of Lawyers for the Preservation of the Definition of Marriage and the Wilberforce Foundation. He is Chief Legal Counsel for the Human Rights Legal Alliance, published numerous journal articles and conducts regular advocacy education seminars.

Closing Comments by Very Rev Fr Eusebios Abbot of Pantanassa Monastery and Chairperson of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Marriage Committee.

Brought to you by: The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Marriage Committee

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