The Left’s race to call us all bigots

By Miranda Devine Wednesday, October 15, 2014 (12:50am)

THE self-appointed tolerance tsars of Australia are having such a hard time proving Australia is a land of bigots they are now jumping at shadows.

They see racism where most people see patriotism. They cry Islamophobia where there is none to be found. They hear dog whistles that never sounded. They are obviously losing their collective minds.

Take the “racist singlet” ­furore whipped up by Greens MP Adam Bandt. “If you don’t love it, leave” says the caption under an Australian flag ­emblazoned on a blue singlet sold at Woolworths.

Nothing racist about that. It’s a call to patriotism.

It’s also a message to whingers to stop complaining and do something positive about their situation. What could be more Australian?

But to some warped people, even the flag is racist.

Like the wowsers of old, who saw prurience everywhere in their crusade to force their morality on others, the tolerance totalitarians of today see bigotry in all things which don’t accord with their own rigid worldview.

Perhaps, like all morality zealots, they are compensating for a guilty conscience.

Whatever the reason, when Canberra resident George Craig spied the innocent singlet in Cairns while on a fishing trip, he jumped to conclusions. “Woolworths Cairns, selling racist singlets for everyday low prices! #racist,” he tweeted on Sunday.

Bandt, who must have very little to do, pounced on the ­opportunity to parade his moral virtue. “Just seen on Twitter: Woolworths in Cairns are ­reportedly selling these singlets … Divisive and ridiculous — these should be pulled ­immediately.”

To its eternal shame, within hours Woolworths had caved in like a cheap tent. They phoned Bandt to claim two stores had “inadvertently” stocked the offending singlet.

“It was delivered to us in error and should never been allowed on our shelves,” Woolworths said in a statement.

“The sentiment expressed on the singlet does not reflect the views of Woolworths.

“[We] believe in fostering an environment where everyone is treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.”

Everyone except people who love Australia: Woolworths has decided they’re racists. Isn’t there someone in the corporate world with the fortitude to stand up to ­irrational social media ­campaigns? Every capitulation just empowers the forces of darkness.

“Woolworths has just called to say they have pulled the singlets!” crowed Bandt. “Thanks for standing up for ­inclusion and acceptance.”

But it wasn’t inclusion and acceptance. It was a vicious slander against our national character. This is the favourite pastime of the politically correct Left. Ever since the terrorism raids in Sydney last month, they have been busy drumming up a fake Islamophobia threat. They have so little faith in the average Australian they imagine armies of bigots, ­rednecks and bogans are ­running around pulling hijabs off Muslim women and kicking their prams. Really? Where’s the evidence?

Activist groups such as the Muslim Legal Network have been trawling for Islamophobic incidents on social media for weeks, with little to show for their efforts in NSW but a handful of unsubstantiated ­allegations: one of physical abuse, some verbal abuse, a car vandalised, and a woman afraid to wear her hijab in case someone attacked her.

That didn’t stop The Sydney Morning Herald from devoting two pages last week to Islamophobia: “Muslims under attack”, “Anti Muslim attacks rise after raids”, “Women bear brunt of Islamophobia,” read the headlines. Its editorial urged Australians to “regain perspective in an environment ripe for hatred and rushed judgments”. But the only environment “ripe for hatred and rushed judgments” is the one created by the Islamophobia beat-up merchants.

Islamophobia is not rampant. In fact quite the opposite.

The truth is found in a beautiful video released last week by the Macquarie University Muslim Students’ ­Association.

Billed “Muslim hate”, it was made as a social experiment to see just how Islamophobic Australians are.

An actor posing as a bigot goes out onto the streets to harass and insult Muslims — women in hijabs and a boy — and the public reaction is filmed. In every case, passers-by stepped in and defended the victim. “Hey leave her alone”. “Back off mate”. “You’re [the one] not being Australian.” “How dare you treat him like that”.

The filmmaker has said he was blown away, that nowhere in the world has this happened.

The truth is that Australia is the most successful immigrant nation in the world.

There is no tolerance for people who abuse others, for whatever reason.

So shame on those who slander this big-hearted country. It’s not a singlet causing division, but them.

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