Urgent action needed! A new Victorian government bill could force the closure of church-based adoption agencies

Urgent action needed!click here

A new Victorian government bill could force the closure of church-based adoption agencies.  The Adoption Amendment (Adoption by SameSex Couples) Bill could come to a vote in the Legislative Assembly as soon as Tuesday 20 October!

If passed, these changes would allow same-sex and “gender non-specific” couples to adopt children. There would be no exemptions for religious adoption agencies to give preference to married couples. Church-based agencies overseas have been forced to close their doors when similar laws passed there.

Family Voice Victorian Director Peter Stevens is concerned that the bill would remove key safeguards for children – stability and an optimal parenting environment. “Mums and dads parent differently,” he said. “Each is important for children, who need both male and female role models. Social policy for adoptive children must be guided by the best interests of the children ahead of the desires of adults.”

This bill could force the closure of faith-based adoption agencies such as CatholicCare.  Under the proposed changes, these agencies could face legal action if they decline to provide adoption to same-sex and “gender non-specific” couples.

What can we do? Contact;

Premier, The Hon Daniel Andrews MPdaniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au

Minister for Families and Children, The Hon Jenny Mikakos MP – jenny.mikakos@parliament.vic.gov.au   and

your local upper and lower house MPs today if possible (email addresses – click here).

Ask them to please reject the Adoption by Same-Sex Couples Bill. Include your name and address, be polite, and use your own words to make one or more of the following points:

          Children have a right to both a mum and a dad [UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 7(1)]
          Adult desires should never trump the rights of children.
          Removing exemptions for religious groups is an attack on fundamental freedoms of conscience and belief. What happened to Victoria’s Charter of Rights?
          Faith-based groups are not the only Victorian adoption providers – they deserve the right to operate in the best interests of children, guided by their faith principles.

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