See the marriage ad Channels 7 and 10 banned

Over the last few weeks have you experienced that awful feeling deep in your gut that the national discussion on same sex marriage does not seem balanced? Perhaps the media is biased? Perhaps those in favour of man woman marriage are being railroaded into social change without a proper national discussion? Well the following will confirm your gut instincts. The following should cause a sense of outrage and sadness. Yes, freedom of speech is under attack!

We have just been informed that Channels 7 and 10 banned an advertisement that asked people to think carefully about the consequences of redefining marriage. We have just seen the ad and it is not offensive. We urge you to watch the ad below and contact Channels 7 and 10 asking them why they have banned the ad. Let’s send them a message that TV channels should not gag freedom of speech.

What you can do
Please contact Channel 7 and Channel 10 today.


Comment on Channel 7 Facebook or twitter



Or, Write to the Complaints Officer

PO BOX 777


or by fax to: (02) 8777 7180


Comment on Channel 10 Facebook or twitter


Or phone  Channel 7 (02) 8777 7777  or  Channel 10 (02) 9650 1010


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