Nothing equal about this debate

THE homosexual marriage lobby likes to claim it plants its rainbow-coloured flags firmly on the summit of the high moral ground.

Diversity has been its catch cry.

But it is quick to stiffly opposing viewpoints. Like those of the new Marriage Alliance.

The group, launched last weekend, supports the Marriage Act and wants to start a proper debate on same sex marriage.

It not unreasonably asks whether the rights of children are being subjugated by arguments about equality between gay and heterosexual adults. It says that the more important issues about the consequences and the rights of future generations, sex ­education, religious freedoms, morality, business and ­professional regulations, and legal implications resulting from ­permitting same-sex marriage haven’t been thoroughly ­examined.

The spokesperson for the marriage alliance is Sydney barrister, Sophie York, a published author, an instructor in International Humanitarian Law (IHL), and member of a number of boards, committees and associations. York insists there is absolutely no intention to denigrate the gay community, devalue them or their relationships. She says that would be wrong and unjust and the aim of the campaign is to focus on the erosion of rights and freedoms currently allowed in our democracy.

To this end, a group of individuals, businesses and community organisations who are concerned that the Australian people are not getting the full story on the implications of changing the Act, funded a 15-second television ad which basically does no more than say that the Marriage Alliance exists and shows its web address — ­

But a few television channels including 7 and 10 and some radio networks have refused to run the totally innocuous commercial — although a Seven spokesman said there was no politics in the ­decision and the station didn’t have a 15-second spot.

That’s their right, of course, but if these supporters of what they like to call marriage equality ever claim to support diversity or free speech they won’t have a leg to stand on.

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