Burwood Girls High School: Anger over gay parenting documentary ‘Gayby Baby’

Burwood Girls High School is having Wear It Purple Day on Friday.

PARENTS are angry that a prominent government high school had organised for its 1200 students to watch a documentary on gay parenting instead of normal classes.

Burwood Girls High School sent a flyer to parents last week saying all students would attend a special screening of the documentary Gayby Baby during periods two and three on Friday. Students were instructed to wear purple, with purple cupcakes served after the movie.

But after a backlash from parents, including outrage at the flyer which depicted a young, shirtless boy with a tattoo on his chest, principal Mia Kumar yesterday offered parents the option to exclude their daughters from the screening if they notified the school in writing.

NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has now directed the Department of Education to ensure the film is not shown in school hours, telling told 2GB Radio on Wednesday while the schools accepted diversity, “schools are not places for political issues to be aired”.

“During school hours we expect them to be doing maths and English and curriculum matters. This movie is not part of the curriculum and that’s why I’ve made that direction,” Mr Piccoli said.

He also admitted that he hadn’t seen the film, which follows the lives of several children with same-sex parents.

Presbyterian Minister Mark Powell, who runs a local youth group said “many parents” were upset about the cancellation of lessons to attend the movie, by former student Maya Newell.

“This is trying to change children’s minds by promoting a gay lifestyle,” Rev Powell said. “Students are being compelled to own that philosophical view by wearing certain clothes and marching under a rainbow flag.

“Schools are supposed to be neutral and cannot propagate a political view.”

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