Greek Orthodox Archbishop calls upon faithful to sign a petition in opposition to same sex marriage

The Greek Orthodox Church in Australia has called upon its faithful to sign a petition voicing their opposition to the introduction of same sex marriage legislation.

His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos, the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, issued an Encyclical emphasising that the Orthodox Church is opposed to the proposed bill, ‘as this will assail the sacredness of Marriage and the Family, as has been taught to us through the ages by our Holy Faith and by the Fathers of the Church.’

He has called upon Orthodox Christians to, firstly, pray to God and to beseech the Holy Theotokos, especially during the August Fast for the Dormition of our Lady, to ‘protect the people from such an aberration, and, secondly, ‘to protest by gathering signatures, requesting the defeat of such legislation.’

Over one hundred parishes and the monasteries in response to the call of His Eminence will be distributing a petition to the Senate collecting signatures over the next coming weeks.

Read the Encyclical in full here.

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