Australian Roman Catholic Church attacks corporate same sex marriage supporters

The Roman Catholic Church in Sydney has launched an attack on corporations that publicly support same sex marriage.

It called advertising drives by corporations for marriage equality “cashed-up, activist-driven media campaigns” and made veiled threats about the church’s purchasing power.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney business manager Michael Digges wrote to at least some of the companies that supported marriage equality in newspaper ads and accused them of “overstepping their purpose”, News Corp reported.

One letter sent to law firm Maurice Blackburn stated, “You may be aware that the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney is a significant user of goods and services from many corporations, both local and international.

“Undoubtedly, many of the Catholic population of Sydney would be your employees, customers, partners and suppliers. It is therefore with grave concern that I write to you about the Marriage Equality for Australians campaign.

“You are publicly supporting a strategic, political and well- funded campaign designed to pressure the federal government into changing the Marriage Act.

“I wonder whether you have questioned whether it is the role of a corporation such as yours to be participating in such an important matter that impacts all of Australian society now and into the future.”

A Maurice Blackburn spokeswoman said the letter was heavy- handed. “Our motivation for being involved is very simply, it’s the same we have had in getting involved in any campaign or legal case over 100 years and that is to ensure everyone is treated equally before the law,” she said.

“No one is trying to persuade the Catholic Church to alter their definition of marriage. I take it (the letter) with a grain of salt obviously they are very agitated with the issue, but it is not helpful to engage with this level of emotion.”

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