Marriage debate on now Let us lobby now!

Dear Friends,

As you would be aware, a number of bills have been introduced into Parliament lately to undo the Marriage Act and legalise homosexual marriage. And a number of states and territories are doing similar activities. Thus the need of the hour is to stand strong for marriage.

Federal Parliament is debating this right now and getting ready to vote on this issue. Thus all the lobbying already done must be repeated. Several politicians have already expressed how critical our support has been.

MPs and Senators must be contacted and to assist you we provide an automatic facility which will allow you to send a letter within 30 seconds.  Please click here 

In addition to this we also urge you to email them direct with your personal message expressing your support for the traditional definition of marriage.

Now is the time to show our strength and unification as Orthodox Christians. Send this email to as many people as possible and place it on your Facebook pages. Do not hesitate to speak up.

Of course, as Orthodox Christians our duty is to intensify our prayers to our All-Merciful Lord during this period. We will endeavour to inform you of any updates.

Speak up for Marriage Team

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