Orthodox Christians Are Called

Orthodox Christians are called to voice their concern as the issue of same sex marriage has gained momentum.

Three bills allowing gay marriage in Australia were introduced in federal parliament in February this year and a vote by federal members of parliament is imminent. Last year, the federal Labor Party changed its party platform in support of legalizing same sex marriage while also allowing its members a conscience vote on the issue. At this point, the Liberal Party will not allow a conscience vote.

The vocal gay lobby claims that the majority of Australians support same-sex marriage and, as such, parliamentarians ought to vote in favour of the bills.

The Christian voice cannot remain silent and must be heard. It has the potential to make a difference and influence the position of the parliamentarians.

As such, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia has blessed the establishment and launch of a website about the issue as a vehicle to help the faithful promulgate their voice.

His Eminence, Archbishop Stylianos, has released an encyclical that will be read out in all the Greek Orthodox parishes later this month. It can be viewed on this website.

The encyclical urges the faithful to send a protest email to their local member of parliament and to express their belief in the sacredness of marriage only between heterosexual couples.

The website provides easy steps to follow to send an email to a local member of parliament. It is imperative that each person make only one submission otherwise we run the risk of being dismissed and ignored. However, if there is only one email address, each member of the family can use the same address to send a protest email.

This issue, in our difficult times, is a challenge we cannot ignore and an opportunity to witness to our faith.

The vote in parliament is imminent. The call to action is urgent.

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